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Josh Myers: Discipline Is like a Muscle

Is motivation or discipline more important when it comes to building a physique like Josh Myers? On his Instagram the online coach compares motivation with discipline: “People always ask me ‘Josh, how do you stay motivated?’ or ‘how do you get motivation?’ I always give the same answer. I do not feel motivated all the […]

Jack White: Mindset First!

Are you focused on lifting hard to gain muscle as fast as possible? Or do you consider your fitness activities as a mental journey, too? For Jack White building a shredded physique isn’t uppermost in his mind. On his Instagram the online coach (6″0, 190lbs) talks mindset: “Too many people miss the whole point of […]

Seth Wickstrom: The Importance of Mindset

What is the hardest part about building the physique you want? “Actually believing it’s possible!” Seth Wickstrom states. The online fitness coach explains on his Instagram: “Mindset can be the thing that expedites your progress or can be the thing that completely destroys your motivation. You have to know exactly what you want and believe […]

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