Seth Wickstrom: The Importance of Mindset

What is the hardest part about building the physique you want? “Actually believing it’s possible!” Seth Wickstrom states. The online fitness coach explains on his Instagram: “Mindset can be the thing that expedites your progress or can be the thing that completely destroys your motivation. You have to know exactly what you want and believe […]

Thomas Reupold: Mit Boxen zu mentaler Stärke

Wenn sich Thomas Reupold ein Fitnessstudio aussucht, gibt es eine absolute Voraussetzung: es muss einen Boxsack haben. Denn Boxen ist für den 23-jährigen Münchener Studenten der Wirtschaftsinformatik die ideale Ergänzung zum Krafttraining. Schließlich fördert es nicht nur Kraft und Ausdauer, sondern auch Schnelligkeit, Gewandtheit und vor allem mentale Belastbarkeit. Und so wurde aus dem ursprünglichen […]

Jean-Pierre Sitty: Fitness, Schwarzenegger und ein gutes Leben

Mir geht die Puste aus. Und das gleich doppelt. Zum einen, weil Jean-Pierre, bei dem ich gerade eine Trainingsstunde nehme, das zu stemmende Gewicht erhöht hat. Und zum anderen, weil ich gleichzeitig über einen seiner Scherze lachen muss. “Vergiss das Atmen nicht!”, meint er ganz nüchtern, was mir aber sichtlich schwer fällt bei den vielen […]

Abel Albonetti: “Your Fitness Is 100% Mental”

“The body achieves what the mind believes” is a familiar quotation to express how important your mindset is when it comes to reaching your fitness goals. And there are many more sayings rephrasing the same, for example: “Your body can stand almost everything, it’s your mind you have to convince”. Fitness expert, coach and model […]

Gabriel Valantino: New Year – New Mindset

Some people set out to build muscle, some want to lose fat, and others try to improve in their job or in private life. There are plenty of New Year’s resolutions. But what’s the secret of success? Gabriel Valantino has given thought to it. On his Instagram the fitness enthusiast and expert explains: Are you […]

Shane Timmerman: The Benefit of Struggle

Growing shoulders help to hold the burden – this is true for the gym as well as for life. Shane Timmerman, who is a certified trainer and fitnessmodel, boils it down. On his Instagram he writes: “The reality is everyone struggles, and some struggles are harder than others. Sometimes that weight on your shoulders brings […]

Steve Cook: “This Is My Therapy”

Exercise as therapy – that’s the way fitness expert, motivator and superstar Steve Cook sees it also. Steve reasons his point of view by taking a look at the substance of the word “therapy”. On Instagram he says: “The definition of therapy is: Treatment intending to relieve or heal a disorder. This is my therapy. […]

Seth Wickstrom: Fitness as a Journey

“Are you living or existing?” – This is one of those questions Seth Wickstrom likes to pop on his Instagram. And he continues: “Does the way you are living make you feel free and alive? Or does it make you feel as though you aren’t living to your full potential?” Mental and even philosophical suggestions […]

Drew Sines: The Bodybuilding Mindset

“You’re not just building a body. You’re building a mind that is capable of doing anything”, Drew Sines emphasizes. The 23-year-old fitness enthusiast from Columbus, Ohio, loves to point out the mental aspects when explaining his approach to bodybuilding on his Instagram. In one of his posts Drew states: “This is one of my favorite […]

Kevin Falcon: “The Mind Is the Only Limit”

Kevin Falcon has a dream; the dream of becoming the best bodybuilder in the world. On his Instagram the 19-year-old, rising athlete from Miami, Florida explains: “I want to be so big that I don’t get confused with being a men’s physique or classic physique competitor.” Kevin’s posts are full of funny, witty, and inspiring […]


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