Drew Sines: The Bodybuilding Mindset

“You’re not just building a body. You’re building a mind that is capable of doing anything”, Drew Sines emphasizes. The 23-year-old fitness enthusiast from Columbus, Ohio, loves to point out the mental aspects when explaining his approach to bodybuilding on his Instagram. In one of his posts Drew states: “This is one of my favorite things I’ve learned in my fitness career, I taught myself to push through pain.” And he continues: “In any kind of athletic performance, it’s inevitable you’re going to face discomfort, physical or emotional. But it’s your perception of and reaction to it that will determine how much power it has over your performance.

Powering through that healthy discomfort isn’t just the road to becoming fitter and faster – it also helps you understand your physical limits more accurately so it hurts a little less next time. This is what I call the “Bodybuilding Mindset”. And it has helped me inside and outside of the gym!”

Drew Sines on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/drewsines/


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