Shane Timmerman: The Benefit of Struggle

Growing shoulders help to hold the burden – this is true for the gym as well as for life. Shane Timmerman, who is a certified trainer and fitnessmodel, boils it down. On his Instagram he writes: “The reality is everyone struggles, and some struggles are harder than others. Sometimes that weight on your shoulders brings you down to your knees. Sometimes these struggles directly impact your confidence, to where you feel as if you’re less. You feel less because you hold your character to such a high standard and you want to fix things but you don’t know where to start. I struggle, but at the end of it I know I will be everything I want to be. I know that there is better waiting for me around the corner. It’s a good fight but at the end of it, if you know you’ll win then, you will win.”

Shane Timmerman on Instagram:


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