Gabriel Valantino: New Year – New Mindset

Some people set out to build muscle, some want to lose fat, and others try to improve in their job or in private life. There are plenty of New Year’s resolutions. But what’s the secret of success? Gabriel Valantino has given thought to it. On his Instagram the fitness enthusiast and expert explains:

Are you mentally ready for the new year? I believe the most important factor to someone’s success is having the right mindset. Everyone has goals for the new year, but most people end up getting nothing done. Mindset is the key reason some people succeed and others don’t.

How can you transform your mindset?
1. You need to believe you can accomplish your goals (healthy self esteem)
2. Have a drive/determination to accomplish your goals
3. Be willing to face adversity (understand that you will make mistakes)
4. Have the right perspective (seeing the glass half full in things instead of half empty)
5. Patience

Gabriel Valantino on Instagram:



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