Luis Hernandez: Growth

It took him only six years to fill out that shirt. But if you think, Luis Hernandez’ only aspiration has been to build as much muscle as possible, you are wrong. The 22-year-old fitness enthusiast is quite aware that you are far more than your appearance. There is no one on Instagram who writes in a more self-conscious and a deeper way about his development and transformation than Luis. Any Gains has put together his most remarkable lines. It’s a compilation of thoughts about growth – physical, and above all mental growth. Get inspired! Here’s what Luis Hernandez has to say about


I’ve been doing lots of reflecting lately. Learning how to improve myself, look out for myself, befriend myself. It’s very important to put yourself first sometimes. We’ll occasionally get lost in the idea of surrounding ourselves with others and forget about the value of our own company.

His fitness journey

Fitness completely changed my life.

Yes, These are both photos of me. On the left I was skinny and insecure. I didn’t have the best social skills and I spent most of my days playing Minecraft and League of Legends. I had no friends and I didn’t want any. I hardly ate anything at all and when I did, it was usually junk food.

On the right I’d put on a significant amount of lean muscle and never felt more confident in my life. I’m able to socialize with just about anyone and I’ve learned to manage my time in a more responsible way. I’ve made some great friends through traveling and lifting. I have a healthy relationship with food and I eat just enough to continue to build my physique through weight training.

If I managed to transform my life through dedication and consistency, then It’s possible for you as well.


Never forget that as time goes on, you get stronger. Some people don’t realize this until they’re put to the test. Life throws some of the craziest shit at you sometimes, but as long as you stay in the game you’re bound to be tougher the next time around. Keep your head up high.

Q&A on Luis Hernandez’ Instagram account

Motivation and discipline

I’d be lying if I said I’m always motivated and always giving 100%. There are days where I feel like I’m just not all there and motivation tanks. What’s important is that I come out of the rut and work even harder to make up for it. Recently there’s been something that’s driving me to take control and work relentlessly for the future I want. It could just be motivation and as we all know motivation comes and goes, but whatever it is I’m going to take full advantage of it and use this time to work hard and develop the discipline I need to stay on track. I encourage you all to do the same.

Being natural

My efforts often get discredited and I get accused that I “juice” or that I took some form of PED to get to where I am. What no one sees is the 5 years of physical and mental struggle I had to endure in order to build up to this.

The beginning was rough—realizing that I didn’t have the greatest insertions or muscle bellies to look like my fitness inspirations. This tore me apart for a long time. I used to wish that I had longer biceps, longer triceps, etc., but wishing wasn’t gonna change anything. This is what I was born with and so I slowly learned to accept that and grind anyway.

A couple years down the road I began to feel more confident in myself. I was getting strong, I thought I’d made a considerable amount of gains. The progress was showing and I used this as fuel to motivate myself to keep going. I began to see the potential in myself.

Fast forward a few more years of relentless lifting and I’m here. It’s incredible to look back sometimes and see where we began. We remember the hardship in between and learn to appreciate ourselves. Now I realize the potential I have. My strengths are shining, but so are my weaknesses. It’s a never ending process—set goals, reach them, repeat.

Also, yes, I am and always have been natural.

The past and the future

Don’t waste time dwelling on the past. Take something from every experience and apply it to your own growth.

Set your sights on the future you want and become obsessed.

Think big, dream big, believe big, and the results will be big.

The daily chance

Each day that passes is a day to better yourself. No matter what aspect of your life it is that you want to improve, work hard every single day and you’ll see growth you never thought possible.

Everyday that passes, strive to grow at least 1%. You’ll be surprised at how quickly your efforts add up.

Everyday is an opportunity for growth. Don’t ever waste it.

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