Seth Wickstrom: The Importance of Mindset

What is the hardest part about building the physique you want? “Actually believing it’s possible!” Seth Wickstrom states. The online fitness coach explains on his Instagram: “Mindset can be the thing that expedites your progress or can be the thing that completely destroys your motivation. You have to know exactly what you want and believe you can get there or you might as well throw in the towel now.”

Seth speaks from experience. He remembers: “When I first started my journey, I knew what I wanted but I never believed I’d be able to achieve it naturally. I was working out 5-6x per week, doing cardio almost daily, eating only bland, tasteless foods and still wasn’t seeing the results I wanted. I struggled so much. I felt like I should be progressing faster. I felt like my hard work wasn’t be recognized or acknowledged.”

But then his approach changed: “Over the years I’ve learned that progress definitely doesn’t take place over night. No matter how much you do, results don’t happen with the snap of a finger. You need to accept that, focus on the current moment and learn to fall in love with the process. You need to learn that eating healthy and working out isn’t a “chore” or an obligation. It’s a privilege!”

And Seth closes: “If you can adjust your mindset, you can change your future.”

Seth Wickstrom on Instagram:


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